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Regarding Deadlock II

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:35 am
by Belix
I played a lot of the original Deadlock, but I only obtained a physical copy of Deadlock II a couple years ago and got no further than installing it and taking a brief look at it. I had a few questions for anyone who has played both extensively and feels like humoring me.

I know there are some new units and features, such as Medic Troops and Alliances. My question is, if you could take any of Deadlock II's features and add them to the original game, what did you appreciate that you would add to the original game, and what did you dislike that you'd rather leave in the sequel?

This covers anything the sequel added over the original game. Units, planet/terrain types, music, buildings, unit missions, technologies, diplomatic stuff, game rule choices, changes to the combat mechanics, anything you can think of.

Just curious!

Re: Regarding Deadlock II

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:22 am
by SupremeCommander
I have never played the first game, neither has my father. I've just now looked up what the differences were so here I go.

The thing I most appreciate about the sequel is without a shadow of a doubt the campaign. It's so much fun! You always have a new challenge. For example, in the first campaign of the ChCh't, you have to ally the Human and fight the other races. In the second, you have to capture land owned by the Cyth and I could go on and on.
The sea colonizing thing is a close second for me.

I don't think I have something I hate about the game. All changes were positive for me. Maybe I could consider wastelands, I just don't know. :D