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Deadlock Wiki

Post by Tggtt »

Hello again!

The last time I came here a database access error appeared, it seems fixed new, so I believe that whoever fixed it is enjoying warm glasses of oooooomi.

I am here today asking if there is a wiki about Deadlock or if someone has a plan for creating a wiki for it.
Since it's so hard to get a strategy guide (I'm not sure if it really exists), the community could come together to create something even better than a strategy guide, which would be this wiki.

My hint to the admin: since I recon this website uses php and mysql, it should be really easy to start a mediawiki here, because it has a built-in wizard optimized for that.

I'm also planning on working on a opensource deadlock clone, which would need a good knowledge base, examples include: resources needed for each building/unit, how are the modifiers applied (ex: formulas/functions that calculate the population growth, taxes income and morale effects). The community should (probably) be able to discover these formulas and even come up with discussions for improvement.

Also, we could create some repository (it could be inside the wiki) for sprites. Community members could capture (check for IP restrictions first) or create new sprites for each building and unit, place it there, and then it could be used in the clone or something else. I belive we should have members that are able to improve them as well, such as remove the dithering effect of using indexed color or recreating higher resolution graphics.

If the formats and the folder structure are well defined, it would be possible for the game clone to update its graphics automatically, allowing easier improvement over time.
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Re: Deadlock Wiki

Post by Ubergeneral Grunt »

Deadlock's Strategy Guide is available here: ... tegy+guide

Deadlock's II strategy guide, according to whom I spoke to at Prima, was never released.

We could host a wiki on Gallius IV, the server should support it.
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