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Replaying the Deadlock 2 Campaign

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 9:08 am
by MaugTheInfirm
I'm on the 2nd mission of the Deadlock 2 campaign, playing as Uva Mosk. The other races are way too friendly. I expanded in one direction, and the Cyth expanded right next to my new colony. The Ch'cht moved in right next to them. Hm, okay I can expand into the mountains south of me... and the Relu showed up there.

To get a 5th territory, I sent a colonizer on a boat and tried to make that territory self-sufficient. Nothing like building a surface mine on the plains... but it's going well so far.

Re: Replaying the Deadlock 2 Campaign

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 11:53 pm
by Cyth Lord
I remember this scenario. For no reason whatsoever enemy races seem to love settling in near your colony even if it means moving across the half the planet to do so. There is really no reason for a satellite settlement when you're starting a new game... it's as if they don't use money or have transportation problems.

Re: Replaying the Deadlock 2 Campaign

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 7:59 am
by MaugTheInfirm
Now that I'm on the Deadlock II Maug Campaign, it seems much harder than the others. I've gone though Uva Mosk and Ch'Cht. And I like to play Maug (if you didn't gather that from my username)... but I've had to restart on two different maps. It's tough.

When I played the "X" map, with 4 races on each arm of the X, the goal was 5 city centers. So I start growing, and then get alarmed as the enemy races keep building city centers. So I attack the Cyth... and the Humans reach 5 city centers and win instantly. Next game, I attack earlier.

There's a bug in Deadlock II where you can't manually transfer steel out of a territory with mines. When you switch from the resources view to the units view, mines are in the same spot as steel. So back on the resource view, you try to drag steel to another colony... and it selects lumber. If you blow away the mines, you can select steel again normally. I prefer that.

So I'm playing the "Cyth bridge" scenario where I start with laser cannon and mines, and there's a bridge with anti-matter defenses and numerous high tech units. I'm not attacking there anytime soon. I decide to "fix" the mine bug, and destroy mines. So now I can transfer steel from the main territory where I make it, to elsewhere. (The computer tends to select steel from territories that have little of it - I want the steel producing colony to transfer the steel). And, some time after the Tarth land on the planet... I see them approach with Disruptor Cannon. And me with no mines, no ability to build mines, and me with a couple laser cannon. I didn't lose, but it wasn't a battle I'd win. So I restarted.

Now I'm just putting up with the mine/steel bug, and waiting for "metal replication", "disruptor cannon" and "assault troops" techs. Once I'm equal to the Tarth and Cyth, I'll fight them off of my side of the bridge. And maybe I'll crank out some spies to remove mines from enemy territories.

Re: Replaying the Deadlock 2 Campaign

Posted: Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:09 am
by MaugTheInfirm
Of all the campaigns, Maug seems the hardest.

I normally just keep moving through each scenario. A basic defense with some aggression is enough to win. But with the Maug campaign... no way. I had to restart almost every scenario, sometimes twice. While I have a couple laser cannon and no steel, I'm attacked by 5 AAVs. Or in another scenario I need to research fusion cannon... and Tarth show up with disruptor cannon. In these scenarios, the enemy starts nearby and with 2 levels higher technology. It's tricky to overcome that.

I'm finally on the last map, which is the only one I didn't have to restart. Everyone starts at maximum tech, in a ring around a few good territories. The edge of the map is wasteland... and shrines. And I almost lost - but I reached a shrine in time to stop someone else from winning. And then I destroyed the shrine! (Which leaves your populace shocked and unhappy - don't they realize there's extras?). That way the enemy has to come to me - has to take over the shrines next to my base, or they can't win.

Does anyone think there's a more difficult campaign than the Maug (in Deadlock II)?