100% failure rate for Disarm Mines

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Cyth Lord
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100% failure rate for Disarm Mines

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Has anyone ever had success with disarming enemy mines? Whenever I know that mines are in a given territory I've tried repeatedly with experienced scouts and have NEVER accomplished this. Not once in countless attempts. And yet I have had my own mines destroyed by enemy scouts... is the game rigged to make 'disarm mines' a literal suicide mission? And while I'm perfectly alright with simply ordering my units to avoid mines, I'm NOT alright with them destroying everything in the process.

I can't be the only one with this problem.
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Re: 100% failure rate for Disarm Mines

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Hello Cyth Lord, welcome to Gallius IV.

I have discussed about it with Grunt several times, I think DL2 has lots of bugs and this is one of them.
It seems like DL2's programmers forgot to clean some bits of the territory while disarming the mines.

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