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Hidden Easter Eggs in Deadlock 1

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 3:22 am
by MildewMan1
As I was working on decompiling the game, I found a couple of hidden easter eggs that can only be obtained by messing with the memory values.

1) If you set a missile's experience to 22222 and launch it at an enemy, it becomes indestructible and wipes out every enemy colonist and defensive fortification without harming any non-defensive buildings.

2) If you set any other unit's experience to 22222 and attack an enemy, it becomes indestructible with a huge amount of attack power and attack speed and lays waste to the enemies without touching buildings.

I think there is one more easter egg somewhere that involves setting the experience to 22222, but I haven't found it just yet. These are pretty funny to watch though, especially the missile.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I think the developers originally planned for these to be another cheat. I think the missile thing was supposed to happen by naming a missile "Thermonuclear Detonation", and the indestructible unit I think was just supposed to be a Command Corps unit only after you named it "Avenger Elite". The last Easter egg I believe involves having some unit that can't die and continues to respawn each turn but not sure.