Can Deadlock 2 shrine wars run on mac osx?

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Can Deadlock 2 shrine wars run on mac osx?

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I have played deadlock way back when, and I wanted to know if deadlock 2 shrinewars will run on the latest version of mac osx?
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Re: Can Deadlock 2 shrine wars run on mac osx?

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Deadlock II has no MacOS(X) version, I don't know if you can run it without Windows on a new MacOS.
Under Wine for Linux, it runs when not updated, but it gets a bit glitchy.
After you update DL2, (or use the GOG version, which comes updated) it gets much more glitchy in a way you cannot play.
There's Wine for MacOSX for Intel architecture processors, but I have never tried it.

Under a virtual machine running Windows XP it runs very smoothly. That's the way I currently recommend.
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