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How do you feel about ODLM Format?

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[OpenDeadlock Community Discussion] - ODLM

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Dear OpenDeadlock fans and GalliusIV members,

I didn't plan to beat Grunt on post count, that's too bad that he is currently busy :roll:

In any case, I am opening this topic for commenting on ODLM (OpenDeadlock Media Format).
Please check this news post.

ODLM is all about GUI modification. With ODLM files, users are able create themes that are loaded right then the application is started.
In these themes, you can change the colours/colors (used as synonyms after requests), pictures, icons, cursors, sound files, video files and a few other attributes.

Implemented Features showcase:
This is a simple view of features that are already working in OpenDeadlock.

ODLM looks like HTML
They are XMLs that look like XHTML. If you are used to HTML, you will have no trouble editing ODLM files.

ODLM Groups
ODLMs are split into groups that act like folders/directories.
The groups and the names of the leaf tags are the important definitions to allow the OpenDeadlock GUI to load these definitions.

ODLM Graphics Loading
ODLM already supports several graphics formats, including PNG, JPEG, XPM and GIF (there is a bunch of other supported formats as well, depending on platform).
It also supports sprite file loading for reusing original graphics files.
ODLM Graphics Loading
ODLM Graphics Loading
loading.png (24.85 KiB) Viewed 10590 times
ODLM Conditional Loading
Users can use mods that use media files of original Deadlocks.
But some users might not have all the files.
Each mod is capable of using specific graphics files, and, depending on the availability of the given file, it can have fallback replacements.
ODLM Conditional Group
ODLM Conditional Group
odlmconditional.png (12.49 KiB) Viewed 10590 times
ODLM Imports and Override
ODLMs can import others recursively. They act more or less like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
When another file is imported, the definitions are merged and the same names are replaced by the newly imported.
This means if you just want to change a definition and you don't like to edit a large file, you can simple create a new ODLM to override these definitions.
ODLM Import Root
ODLM Import Root
importrootodlmo.png (3.29 KiB) Viewed 10552 times
Imported ODLM
Imported ODLM
spriteodlmo.png (6.4 KiB) Viewed 10552 times

Note: Yes, it's going to be supported on OpenDeadlock Alpha 1 :!:
Note: Some screenshots are old, do not take them as reference, further reference for the format will be provided.
Note: Please stay tuned for more GUI news and screenshots we are preparing!

Now, members are free to discuss whether they find it hard or not.
You can also suggest more features.

Please vote and comment! ;)
Best 20x20 Map is elected.
Follow @OpenDeadlock.
Please help Deadlock Wikis by documenting buildings.
Note: OpenDeadlock Knowledge Gathering has been updated. Translation and Build Tools might fail. Send me a PM if you need help.
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