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New Mod Proposal

Post by Tggtt »

I had a new mod idea.

As you know, we cannot really see the hoverways working in *Deadlocks, so I am proposing a new mod, which we can both see and construct the hoverway platforms.

In the hoverway mod, the player would be able to build their own platforms, see the tracks of hovervehicles, connect their industry buildings to chain their supply routes...
Hoverway Mod
Hoverway Mod
hoverway-mod.gif (173.95 KiB) Viewed 9167 times
So what do you think?

Yes, we have tools for editing sprites and it's possible to add more buildings to Opendeadlock at any time.
However, I need to point that a few of my crazy modding plans had to be discarded because they have been delaying the project. You probably won't need these anyway. In any case, rest assured we are working on many features.

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