#OpenDeadlock at MindForge.org

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#OpenDeadlock at MindForge.org

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On August 14 I have created the new #OpenDeadlock IRC channel at MindForge.org
After 5 days of testing, I believe this could work very well.

MindForge.org is an IRC network committed to open source projects. I would like to thank the welcoming staff, specially Moot, who answered my initial questions.

I am glad to announce that it accepts several irc clients and web clients, now the OpenDeadlock project members should not face any trouble with all the available options to connect:
  1. Web Clients:
    1. Official MindForge Web chat client (qwebirc).
    2. Kiwi IRC Web chat client.
    3. Mibbit Chat Web chat client.
  2. Direct Connection IRC Clients:
    1. Direct TCP SSL/TLS encrypted connection: irc://irc.mindforge.org:6697/#OpenDeadlock (recommended)
    2. Direct TCP unencrypted connection 1: irc://irc.mindforge.org:6667/#OpenDeadlock (not recommended)
    3. Direct TCP unencrypted connection 2: irc://irc.mindforge.org:6669/#OpenDeadlock (not recommended)
Any of these options connects to the very same channel. You are free to choose the best option for yourself.

Besides, I have created a new channel at Libera.chat, which has multiple severs with IPv6 support.
Please consider visiting as well.
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