Deadlock II: ChCh't, Campaign Scenario 1 (Barradica)

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Deadlock II: ChCh't, Campaign Scenario 1 (Barradica)

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ChCh't, Campaign Scenario 1 (Barradica)



The water planet Barradica was shared by 4 races campaign scenario as their first stage, not so smart as a game design,
this could make peoele thought as all of the campaign scenario was using the same planets with different races.

For ChCh't at Barradica, we need to pact with Human before we conquest this planet.
Signing pact at early phase is almost impossible, but it should not be a big deal after you wipe out the other two races.
It looks like the stronger you are (or say more points you have,) the bigger chance they will accept your pact (or ask you to pact.)
So what we need to do for this additional winning rule is to avoid combating with Human and.. that's all!
We do not need to try pact with Human each turn, they will ask, just wait.

Food: 35+
Wood: 20-
Energy: 30+
Iron: 30

At a glance this planet does not really lack food or energy, 1 farm with little transporting and 1~2 power plant
will be enough for each territory. But for wood, it would be better to gathered in forest territory.
(20*1/8 = 2.5 wood each labor each turn; 20/2.5 = 8 means each wood will cost 8 credits,
20 came from 1 labor working inside hydroport for 1 turn; 8 credits would be greater than producing them at
forest territory add transporting fee.)
So does the iron since we will need a lot of it to build universities, shipyards (for trading money,) and, assaulting forces.

Now we check for the initial technology, we got Shockwave Projector which would give us Hydroport that could
make money and build AAV fast, we got Advanced Structures which would give us sea colonizer to build sea platform
for money making SeaHab also a great over population solution.

How to select technology priority would need to depend on your strategy. Our landing spot was surrounded by water
and we already have the ability to build Hydroport making the answer clear: AAV rush.
We will only need one more key technology - Fusion Cannon.
(Comparing with shipping fusion cannon across the sea to fight will need one more technology - Automation
that makes building speed of fusion cannon acceptable.)

Although Fusion Cannon technology was important, we do not need to be in a hurry since we will not be able to pay the
irons and credits at the beginning. Chaos Computers will boost our research and Hoverway will help a lot at economy.
So.. For me, I used the order of this at Barradica:

Nuclear Fusion > Electronics > Chaos Computers > Metallurgy > Hoverway > Advanced Medicine > Fusion Cannon
> Flak > Rocketry > Anti-matter Containment > Targeting Computers > Cortex Scanners;

We have our basic strategy, we assigned our technology priority, now, it is time to select our second territory.
I will recommend Gosta Tree Hills as a forest territory since wood is important at early phase;
We will need wood to build housing, colonizers, and surface mines.

I always consume food and energy they gave us at the beginning and research until we could not afford anymore.
So, at the first few turns of ChCh't Landing I will build two universities and research, use unoccupied labor(s) to build
Housing and set up basic facilities: farm, power plant, hydroport (upgraded from initial shipyard; When upgrading,
notice to place labor in even numbers
since it will need 12.5 labors to upgrade, if you send in odd numbers you will need
13 labors to finish, and you waste 1 labor.) Notice that we are playing ChCh't; When affordable, always build Housing
instead of upgrading them, upgrade cost twice labors than other races, making it nullify our race advantage
(6*12 = 72 > 50, which 12 credits came from 1 labor working inside shipyard for 1 turn)
And for Gosta Tree Hills, set up a farm and make them eat their own food will be enough, we do not have extra
resources for them. (Do not stock more than 50 food, switch to produce wood.)

When possible, build colonizer and expand. After making them self-sufficiency at food..
Plains, Hydroport for trading money;
Forests, good place to find endurium, but not a big deal at Barradica;
Swamps, full of energy to set up research facilities;
Mountains, to mine iron.

If they have energy to spear, place a university.
If they produce iron, build a factory to process some steel. Transfering steel instead of iron will save you a lot of money.
If they are starting to have over population problem, throw some peoele to sea platform.

At about round 17, right after Fusion Cannon technology completed, try to build one.
Launch a raid to Cyth Landing, set retreat at 50. Although it is not possible to take over Cyth Landing just by one AAV;
Repair for one turn also build another AAV and launch the second raid should be enough to take over Cyth Landing.

After finishing Cyth we put our target to Tarth,
keep building new AAV and make sure all of them are busy: combating or repairing.
When you have about 9 AAV, nothing will stop you anymore on Barradica.

Here is a copy of my game save files, be careful not to overwrite yours. ""
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Re: Deadlock II: ChCh't, Campaign Scenario 1 (Barradica)

Post by MaugTheInfirm »

Why are you mixing the introduction of a new campaign with a play through?

It seems like you'd want to separate it into:
1. The campaign, rules for the campaign, and allow players to play it their way
2. Somewhere else, provide hints on the campaign for players who get stuck or are new
3. A playthrough that goes into specifics for those who want to know tiny details like which turn to build which buildings.
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