OpenDeadlock Lobby Subproject Announcement

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OpenDeadlock Lobby Subproject Announcement

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Today marks the anniversary of our Alpha Test announcement.

I would like to announce that we are also working on a subproject to create a matchmaking system for Deadlocks.

I have a dream to allow any player to choose their version freely and find other players online.
In this sense, the goal of [Open]Deadlock Unified Matchmaking System Subproject (note: this name is not final) is to allow to find hosted games online, regardless if they are for OpenDeadlock or even Deadlock 1 or Deadlock 2.
[Open]Deadlock UMMS basic prototype.
[Open]Deadlock UMMS basic prototype.
UMMS.png (28.46 KiB) Viewed 2910 times
The match listing would be available as a web page, allowing players to browse the games without starting the game.

Basically, we are hoping that some day we manage to patch all the retail games to use direct TCP connections and to connect to the lobby.
But never really focused on it.
And then, I would like to thank Mildewman1 for reviving this hope for us.
However, we still need add a connection layer for the host to publish the game to the lobby.
Rest assured that publishing will be completely optional.

  • This is currently a non functional prototype; in other words, I tried to rush to provide something functional for today, but I admit I could not finish.
  • Despite several advances, OpenDeadlock is still unplayable even in single player mode. Therefore, I am considering to push the patches for the retail versions before making OpenDeadlock available, so we can still play online for the time being.
  • The idea of making the lobby a web page allows us to avoid the need of adding a search dialog to the patched retail clients, where players could copy the session address and paste on the "address" dialog of the client.
  • The page style was reused from Knowledge Gathering. Feel free to comment if you find it ugly.
  • WE are still working hard, please do not lose hope! We expect to show a lot of cool things to the public some day!
Please comment on how welcoming would you like to play the patched versions using the lobby, so we can adapt our priorities.

Best wishes to everyone.
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