I'd like to introduce myself

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Re: I'd like to introduce myself

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Welcome to the forum, MaugChef. The French name for the Maug chief is "Chef Maug", but i'm guessing you username isn't based on that.
Tarth cooks make best strudel, barbecue, bean dip, fish, cat food, smelt, piston rings, tofu and cam shafts...
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Re: I'd like to introduce myself

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Howdy, I figured everyone else highjacked thread so why not me to.

I found this website after I was sitting on Duty thinking about old games that I enjoyed. That is why I posted the remake comment. I enjoyed this game so much and really curious if there was a way to re-create it. Currently I am in my office (1am my time WOOH!) SO i can't upload a picture to my profile. It'd probably be Uva type since they were my favorite.
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