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Your Own Deadlock Territory

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2021 9:11 pm
by Tggtt
This forum poll is something I meant to do for ages but I forgot.

I am curious to know which is the most common (original) biome for the members according the the Deadlock (II) territory types.

Please remember that, according to Deadlocks:
  • Oceans include seas and lagoons;
  • Plains include savannah/prairies;
  • Forests include woods/jungles;
  • Marshes include swamps/bogs/mud-pits;
  • Mountains include hills/cliffs/highlands;
  • Wasteland includes deserts.
Notes: If you live in a big city, I am asking about the original biome type.
You don't need to identify where you live.
Changing vote is allowed.

Clarification for die-hard DL1 fans: DL2 simply adds wasteland.