The OpenDeadlock Translations

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The OpenDeadlock Translations

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Hello OpenDeadlock fans... (I hope there are).

You are invited to participate on translation efforts.

OpenDeadlock is using a very nice (yet simple) collaborative tool for translation, to explain it simply,
it's similar to editing articles at Wikipedia, however you need to create an account to do so.

I have started translation projects for 6 languages:
  1. English;
  2. French;
  3. German;
  4. Italian;
  5. Portuguese;
  6. Spanish.
Q: Why is English listed?
A: The base language is indeed English, however, the base strings may need to be smaller and must not have accent marks (us-ascii only) that English may need when using foreign words.

Q: What kind of accent marks and alphabets is supported by the translation system?
A: The translated text sequences are encoded in UTF-8 (Unicode), which should support almost every language... I know it doesn't support Klingon! Well, whatever.

Q: Will you encourage us to translate to every language there is?
A: Not really. It would get harder to find translators once the project evolves (and text changes).

Q: Can I suggest more languages?
A: Sure, but it won't be marked as active unless you can find translators for it. Also, again, I don't recommend adding very specific languages which is not possible to find translators once it evolves.

Q: Why don't you use automatic translation?
A: Because the text might become really strange... No comments :roll:.

Q: Does OpenDeadlock KG's Translation tool records previous versions of translations?
A: Yes, however it's not shown to everyone. Every time you click on save, the tool checks if any text has been changed and stores it as a new version. Then, if some one joins and spoils everything, we can revert the changes.

Q: Do I need to translate a text that would turn exactly equal?
A: No. Leave the translation box empty and select the Copy check books. Do not leave spaces, please! I will write details more using the project's wiki.

Q: What are the plural rules?
A: It depends on each language. This way we can translate the text with a more native look. ;) I will write more using the wiki as soon as we have at least a single translator.

Q: Do I have to fill the plural translations all the time?
A: Only if the base language contains a plural form, i.e. the text uses a number to be composed. If a text doesn't use a number, there wouldn't be a plural form for the base language. Therefore, leave the translated plural form blank because it wouldn't be used at all!

Q: Will we have more dialects, for example, Australian English, Canadian English, American English, etc?
A: Possibly, but try to keep it international for now. We don't have specific orthography rules yet.

Q: Will we have to rewrite everything for a new dialect even when the texts would turn equal?
A: No, we can "refine" the language so the translators would only need to rewrite the texts that would turn different than the previous translation.

Known issue: If there are two translators working on the same text, there could be trouble... terrible trouble... But still, since we keep track of every version, nothing is lost, just hidden...

Note: We don't have much to translate for now, this is just a preliminary invitation.

If you are interested, PLEASE join!

OpenDeadlock translators' list: ... ranslators
OpenDeadlock translation tool is at Knowledge Gathering.
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