Why did you start playing DL?

General discussion, queries, etc. about Deadlock and Deadlock II.
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Re: Why did you start playing DL?

Post by Marcom »

A friend of mine recommended the game to me, and I bought as a reward to myself for surviving 8th grade (this was 1998).

And I hated it.

I tossed it aside for a while. But the joy of vacation turned into the summer doldrums, and I gave Deadlock another shot. This time it clicked (don't know why I didn't like it the first time). Played the hell out of the game on and off for the next few years. I even liked it enough to make a rudimentary campaign setting for pen and paper gaming (don't think I ever got a game going with it though).

It stuck with me all these years, and I bought Deadlock 2 from GoG.com in 2015. It was fun to revisit the old races.

What really put Deadlock head and shoulders above other games was its personality. The science-fiction setting is humorous, but has a surprising amount of detail given the era in which it was made. I've always been a little disappointed that it never seemed to gain that big of a cult following.
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Re: Why did you start playing DL?

Post by Wassner »

I've heard one of the streamers I like to watch talk about Deadlock games so I decided to check them out. Ashamed to admit I've never heard of Deadlock before that. Better late than never though, right? haha
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Re: Why did you start playing DL?

Post by Tggtt »

Wassner wrote:I've heard one of the streamers I like to watch talk about Deadlock games
Hello Wassner, welcome to GalliusIV.

You can share the video to the community (if you wish and, due to forum rules, if it has no blatant advertising).

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Re: Why did you start playing DL?

Post by SupremeCommander »

The copy I own was originally my dad's. I was playing an online game that I believe was called "Galaxy Life." I introduced my father into the game and he said to me: "You know, I've got a game that is kind of like this game." My father found the old (dusty) DLII game. He basically just showed to me how to play on our old DELL computer (I think we played as the ChCh't). I couldn't speak English at the time so I didn't understand anything but is was fun nonetheless. A few years later I asked my dad: "You know that game you showed me when I was like 8 years old? Where is it?" He didn't know and I went searching every nook and cranny and eventually I found it after an hour or two. I booted up the game and immediately fell in love with it again.
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