OpenDeadlock: OpenDeadlock Feature Rating Survey

See what Deadlock fans are creating, whether it be fan games, art or scenarios.
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OpenDeadlock: OpenDeadlock Feature Rating Survey

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Since many members are around and wish to express their wishes regarding OpenDeadlock, here's the second public survey.

I'm very optimistic that someone is going to give us valuable data.

If you have any suggestions to OpenDeadlock, please take our second open survey.
OpenDeadlock Feature Rating Survey.

This survey is rather complex. Now you can rate what many members have suggested in several categories.

Good news:
  • You can also start the survey, save it and return later;
  • Survey software was updated;
  • Email notifications and lost password requests are now working;
  • You can also export your responses.
And please, don't write here what you wrote there before it's disclosed.

Thank you very much.
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